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National Equipment Register

National Equipment Register

Klatt True Value Hardware, Construction and Party Rentals Staff - Klatt True Value Rental - Buffalo, Minnesota

Now hiring experienced hardware sales & rental specialists. Call 763-682-2436 and ask for Becky TODAY!

Klatt True Value Rental


Korey Klatt is the Rental ManagerKorey Klatt - Just Ask Rental

He grew up in this store and has a wide knowledge of both the Hardware and Rental. Come in and see him for all your rental needs.




Debbie & Mary Ellen - Just Ask RentalMary Ellen has been working hard in our rental department. Debbie worked for hardware for 3 yrs, is now part of our rental and party department. Both Mary Ellen and Debbie will help you with all your event and rental needs. They can plan your entire event here at Klatt True Value Rental. Conact Mary Ellen or Debbie for your party planning needs today!






Becky Klatt - Just Ask Rental

Becky is the store manager.

David and Becky are the sole owners of Klatts. Becky has been working here since the mid-80's. She has plenty of knowledge of store, especially electrical. If you need to contact someone about electrical contracting, or in holiday season are wanting lights hung around your house, ask for Becky.

Becky recently had the the privilege of meeting Steve Watson, who is the host of "Don't Sweat It" on HGTV.Becky Klatt - Just Ask Rental











Customer Service

Gary - Just Ask Rental

Gary is the go to guy.

His specialty is custom orders. Gary also works in our plumbing, and electrical section of the hardware store.









Ron and CathyRon and Cathy - Just Ask Rental

Our Paint Manager is Ron, and he has been working at Klatts since 1998. He is a lot of fun to work with, and eases the long workday.

Our main cashier is Cathy. She has been working here since 1997. She handles all of the cashiering, our policy A returns, and everybody that works here. Cathy has a great sense of humor, and is very caring and concerned to other employees and friends.



MaryMary - Just Ask Rental

If you are in need of a special item Mary is the one to ask for help. She has been working at the hardware store since 1997. Mary works in the tool section of the hardware store and also works with special order catalogs. Mary is great at helping with hard to find items.





David Klatt - Owner and Master Electrician of Klatt True Value. He also does the contracting and bids of jobs.

Pennie - Just Ask RentalThis is Larry, our electrician. He does electrical work in the area for our customers. Larry has been working here over 24 years. His expertise is greatly appreciated by everyone that has ever worked with him.


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