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National Equipment Register

National Equipment Register


EZ-UP Tents


EZ-UP style canopy tents
(EZ-Up style are just that-easy to put up. These take a few people to pull apart & it pops open. The easiest type of tent to set up. These can be used anyplace they will fit. You may weigh them down with sandbags  or small stakes if you wish)

10x10 white canopy tent - $55
10x15 white canopy tent - $75
10x20 white canopy tent - $100
16x16 white canopy tent - $130
16' tent joiner - included if needed

Sidewalls for EZ-Up style tent
solid 10' sidewall - $8.00
solid 16' sidewall - $10.00


All tent rental charges are based on a 48 hour time period.

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